Jalisa Roberts

artivist | choreographer | educator using dance as a language and a means to process the world, spark conversation, and build community.

In my dance world...

I spend my time teaching my kids dance. I teach first and second graders during the school day, and then I teach 3-6th (whoever shows up) after school.

I also work a shift at Dancing Grounds, and I take one class a week–Werk It, Twerk It (working my way up to two classes).

I also started taking a contemporary class a couple of Fridays ago. Still trying to see if joining a company is the right move from me.

My choreography has hit a weird place, especially since I’m only currently choreographing for kids. I need to find a way to get movement out of my system.

I should be applying for an MFA program in November. So right now I’m trying to get into a routine. Monday, I did a brief workout. Tuesday I had class, today was a rest day. Tomorrow, I’ll do another brief workout, and then Friday I have contemporary class. Saturday I’ll be in the studio for a company rehearsal from 3-6. I’m nervous and excited. I feel locked up in my body, and I’m trying to figure out how to just release. 

I feel so tight, so stiff. Maybe it’s because I spent 6 months from Swarthmore not in a regular practice of creative movement. Whatever the case, I plan to work on it now