Jalisa Roberts

artivist | choreographer | educator using dance as a language and a means to process the world, spark conversation, and build community.



I’m J.

I’m a dance major, and a young choreographer. I wanted to start this tumblr to continue conversations that I feel don’t happen as often as I want them to. I’m interested in talking about dance, and I see tons of it online, but I find that often I have no one to talk to (being one of very few dance majors at a small liberal arts college). So I wanted this Tumblr to be my public musings on dance pieces I’ve seen. Most of them will be videos I can share here. Hopefully my musings will cause you to agree, to notice something you may not have originally seen, or to want to continue a conversation with me.

If you have any questions or video suggestions, feel free to hit me up.